Statement of Objects and Reasons appended to the Constitution
      (Thirty-second Amendment) Bill, 1972 which was enacted as
         the Constitution (Twenty-ninth Amendment) Act, 1972


The  Kerala  Land Reforms Act, 1963 (Act 1 of 1964), in the  principal
land  reform law in the State of Kerala and was included in the  Ninth
Schedule  to  the Constitution.  In the course of implementation,  the
State  Government faced serious practical difficulties and to overcome
them,  that  Act  was extensively amended by the Kerala  Land   Reforms
(Amendment)  Act, 1969 (Act 35 of 1969) and by the Kerala and  Reforms
(Amendment) Act, 1971 (Act 25 of 1971).  Certain crucial provisions of
the  principal  Act  as amended were challenged in the High  Court   of
Kerala  and in the Supreme Court, creating a climate of uncertainty in
the effective implementation of land reforms.  Although the High Court
of Kerala has generally upheld the scheme of land reforms envisaged in
the  principal Act as amended, a few vital provisions have been struck
down  by  the High Court.  Even in regard to the provisions upheld  by
the  High  Court, the affected parties had moved the Supreme Court  in
appeal.   Some  persons  also  moved the  Supreme   Court  in  original
petitions  challenging  certain  provisions of the Act.   The   Supreme
Court  in  its judgments delivered on 26th and 28th April, 1972,  have
generally  uphold  the  scheme  of land reforms as  envisaged   in  the
principal  Act as amended but agreed with the High Court  invalidating
certain  crucial  provisions.   It  is  feared  that   this  will  have
far-reaching adverse affects on the implementation of the programme of
land  reforms in the State and thousands of tenants will be  adversely
affected  by some of the provisions which have been either struck down
or  rendered  ineffective.   It  is   also   apprehended  that  certain
observations  of  the  Supreme Court in the judgments might  open   the
flood-gates  of  litigation  much  to the detriment  of   thousands  of
Kudikidappukars in the State who will not be able to defend themselves
in protracted legal proceedings.  Further, appeals have been preferred
against  the  judgment of the Kerala High Court  invalidating  certain
important  provisions of the principal Act as amended [e.g.   sections
4A  (1)(a)  and  (b), 7, 7D(1) and 103] and they are  pending  in   the
Supreme Court.

2.   It  is,  therefore, proposed to include the Kerala  Land  Reforms
(Amendment)  Act,  1969 and the Kerala Land Reforms  (Amendment)  Act,
1971  in the Ninth Schedule to the Constitution so that they may  have
the protection under article 31B and any uncertainty or doubt that may
arise  in  regard to the validity of those Acts is removed.  The  Bill
seeks to achieve this object.

NEW DELHI;                                       H. R. GOKHALE.

The 24th May, 1972.


                                         [9th June, 1972.]

An Act further to amend the Constitution of India.

BE  it enacted by Parliament in the Twenty-third Year of the  Republic
of India as follows:-

1.  Short title.-This Act may be called the Constitution (Twenty-ninth
Amendment) Act, 1972.

2.   Amendment  of  Ninth   Schedule.-In  the  Ninth  Schedule  to  the
Constitution,  after entry 64 and before the Explanation the following
entries shall be inserted, namely:-

"65.   The Kerala Land Reforms (Amendment) Act, 1969 (Kerala Act 35 of

66.   The Kerala Land Reforms (Amendment) Act, 1971 (Kerala Act 25  of