Statement of Objects and Reasons appended to the Constitution
       (Fifty-ninth Amendment) Bill, 1988 which was enacted as
          THE CONSTITUTION (Fifty-ninth Amendment) Act, 1988


Under  clause  (5)  of article 356 of the Constitution,  a  resolution
approving  the  continuance  in force of a  Presidential   Proclamation
issued  under  clause (1) of that article beyond a period of one  year
cannot  be  passed  by  either  House of  Parliament   unless  the  two
conditions  specified in that clause are met.  The one-year period  in
the  case of the Proclamation made with respect to the State of Punjab
is  due  to  expire on the 10th May, 1988.  In view of  the   continued
disturbed  situation  in  Punjab,  escalation  in  the   activities  of
terrorists and anti-national forces resulting in the death of innocent
men,  women  and  children  and  of the fact  that  the   Punjab  State
Legislative  Assembly  had  to  be dissolved because  of   the  virtual
impossibility  of  forming  a  popular Government  in  the   prevailing
circumstances,  the  continuance  in force of  the  said   Proclamation
beyond  the  period of one year may be necessary in  Punjab.    Article
356(5) of the Constitution is, therefore, proposed to be amended so as
to  facilitate the extension of the said Proclamation, if necessary up
to  a  period of three years as permissible under clause (4)  of  that

The  continuance of the Proclamation after the 10th May, 1988 may not,
it  is  felt,  be effective as terrorist activities had  been  on   the
increase.  It may be necessary to invoke the provisions of article 352
of the Constitution to declare a partial Emergence either in the whole
of  the State of Punjab or in particular districts of that State.   If
such  a situation arises, the expression "armed rebellion" included in
that article as one of the grounds for declaration of Emergency (which
alone  could be resorted to in the case of an Internal Emergency)  may
not  be appropriate in the prevailing situation in Punjab to declare a
Proclamation  in  that State.  It is, therefor, felt that article  352
may  be suitably amended in its application to the State of Punjab  to
include  "internal  disturbance"  as  one  of  the   grounds  that  the
integrity  of India is threatened by internal disturbance in any  part
of  the  territory of India so as to facilitate the taking  of  action
under  that  article  if it becomes necessary at a future  date.    The
expression  "internal disturbance" was one of the grounds included  in
that  article  from the commencement of the Constitution till  it  was
amended  by  the  Constitution  (Forty-fourth  Amendment)   Act,  1978.
Consequentially,  articles 358 and 359 are also proposed to be amended
so  as  to provide for the automatic suspension of article 19  of  the
Constitution  and the issuing of an order by the President  suspending
the  operation  of any of the other provisions contained in  Part  III
(except  article 20) under article 359, if and when a Proclamation  of
Emergency  on the ground of internal disturbance is issued in relation
to the whole or any part of the State of Punjab.

As  the  proposed amendments are only for the purpose of  curbing  the
terrorist  activities  in  the State of Punjab more  effectively,   the
powers that are proposed to be conferred by these amendments would not
be  resorted to for any period beyond what is absolutely necessary for
achieving  the aforesaid object.  Accordingly, the amendments proposed
in articles 352, 358 and 359 have been made to be operative only for a
period of two years from the commencement of this Amendment.

The Bill seeks to achieve the aforesaid objects.

NEW DELHI;                                          BUTA SINGH.

The 11th March, 1988.

                              ACT, 1988

                                                [30th March, 1988.]

An Act further to amend the Constitution of India.

BE it enacted by Parliament in the Thirty-ninth Year of the Republic
of India as follows:-

1.  Short title.-This Act may be called the Constitution (Fifty-ninth
Amendment) Act, 1988.

2.   Amendment of article 356.-In article 356 of the Constitution,  in
clause   (5),  for  the  proviso,   the  following   proviso  shall  be
substituted, namely:-

"Provided that nothing in this clause shall apply to the Proclamation
issued  under clause (1) on the 11th day of May, 1987 with respect  to
the State of Punjab.".

3.   Insertion  of  new  article 359A.-(1) After article  359  of  the
Constitution, the following article shall be inserted, namely:-

`359A.    Application   of   this  Part  to  the  State   of   Punjab.-
Notwithstanding  anything  in this Constitution, this Part  shall,  in
relation  to  the  State  of  Punjab,  be  subject   to  the  following
modifications, namely:-

(a) in article 352,-

(i) in clause (1),-

(A)  for  the  opening portion, the following  shall  be  substituted,

"If the President is satisfied that a grave emergency exists whereby-

(a)  the security of India or of any part of the territory thereof  is
threatened,  whether by war or external aggression or armed rebellion;

(b)  the  integrity of India is threatened by internal disturbance  in
the whole or any part of the territory of Punjab,

he  may, by Proclamation, make a declaration to that effect in respect
of the whole of Punjab or of such part of the territory thereof as may
be specified in the Proclamation.";

(B) in the Explanation,-

(1)  after  the  words  "armed rebellion", the words ",  or  that  the
integrity  of India is threatened by internal disturbance in the whole
or any part of the territory of Punjab," shall be inserted;

(2)  after the words "or rebellion", the words "or disturbance" shall
be inserted;

(ii)  in  clause (9), after the words "armed rebellion", at  both  the
places  where they occur, the words "or internal disturbance" shall be

(b)  in  article 358, in clause (1), after the words "or  by  external
aggression",  the words "or by armed rebellion, or that the  integrity
of  India  is threatened by internal disturbance in the whole  or  any
part of the territory of Punjab," shall be inserted;

(c) in article 359, for the words and figures "articles 20 and 21", at
both  the  places where they occur, the word and figures "article   20"
shall be substituted.'.

(2)  The  amendment made to the Constitution by sub-section (1)  shall
cease  to  operate  on the expiry of a period of two  years  from   the
commencement of this Act, except as respects things done or omitted to
be done before such cesser.