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Act ID: 197317
Act Number: 17
Enactment Date: 1973-04-09
Act Year: 1973
Short Title: The Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulation) (Chandigarh Amendment) Act, 1973
Long Title: An Act further to amend the Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulation) Act, 1952, as in force in the Union territory of Chandigarh.
Ministry: Ministry of Home Affairs
Department: Department of States
Enforcement Date: 01-11-1966

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07.03.1991 AllotmentTransfer of Built up Booths in any sector on lease hire Purchases basis in Chandigarh Rules, 1991
19.07.1996 The Chandigarh Conversion of Residential Lease-Hold Land Tenure into free-hold land Tenure Rule, 1996
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15.10.1979 Low Income Group (Allotment of Site) Scheme 1979
24.10.1979 Allotment of Subsidized Industrial Houses on Lease
31.01.1996 The Allotment of Land to Educational Institution (Schools) etc on Lease Hold Basis in Chandigarh Scheme, 1996
18.11.1998 The Allotment of Land to the Publisher of the Newspaper
08.02.1999 The Allotment of land for Nursing Homes on Lease Hold
17.02.1999 Allotment of sites on Lease hold Basis
19.04.2000 Leasing Out Government Built up Shops on Monthly Rental
19.09.2005 Chandigarh Conversion of Land use of Industrial Site
06.11.2006 The Chandigarh Small Flats Scheme, 2006
25.04.2007 The setting up of Multiplex Theatre and Conversion of Existing Cinemas into Multiplex Theatre Scheme, 2007
24.10.2007 Licensing of Built up platform to the Second hand Book
18.01.2008 Licensing of Site In Chandigarh Garden Centre Scheme, 2008
05.06.2008 The Regulation of salepurchaselease of built up area within Shopping Malls Multiplex Rules, 2008
08.10.2008 Chandigarh Model Milch Cattle Center Scheme



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