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Act ID: 198204
Act Number: 04
Enactment Date: 1982-03-19
Act Year: 1982
Short Title: The Sugar Development Fund Act, 1982
Long Title: An Act to provide for the financing of activities for development of sugar industry and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
Ministry: Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
Department: Department of Food and Public Distribution
Enforcement Date: 01-06-1982
Notification: 1st June, 1982, vide notification No. G.S.R. 436(E), dated 29th May, 1982, see Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II, sec. 3(i).

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27.09.1983 SDF Rules 1983 and its amendments






08.11.1982 Notification of the SDF act 1982 dated 08.11.1982
27.09.1983 Introduction of SDF Rules, 1983
20.12.1984 Amendment in Rule 16 & 19 (minor correction have been made)
14.11.1985 Rate of interest decreased to 6 from 9 p.a. for SDF loan
06.05.1988 Definition of NCDC amended
24.04.1991 Rate of interest decreased to 9 from 6 p.a. for SDF loan
28.04.1992 Clearance of SDF & LSPEF Dues linked to grant of SDF loans.
06.05.1994 Insertion of Rule 18 A regarding Defrayment of other expanses for development of sugar industry
12.01.1996 In modernization scheme, promoters contribution was fixed at 10 minimum and quantum of SDF loan should not exceed 60 of eligible project cost.
21.11.1997 Loan for providing inputs for sugarcane development inserted at Rule 17A.
12.02.2001 Frequency of SDF Loan in Rule 16 & 17 was fixed as one occasion during the repayment of previous loan.
06.12.2001 Insertion of Rule 13 A regarding maintenance of funds received by way of subsidy towards, interest, storage and insurance and utilization thereof.
28.05.2002 Notification of the SDF act 1982 dated 28.05.2002
21.06.2002 Insertion of Rule 20 regarding defraying expenditure on internal transport and freight charges to the sugar factory on export shipment of sugar.
21.06.2002 Date of enactment of SDF Amendment Act, 2002.
19.08.2002 insertion of Rule 21 for extending loan to potentially viable sick sugar undertaking
29.01.2003 Insertion of Rule 22 for extending loan for production of anhydrous alcohol or ethanol from alcohol and rule 23 for extending loan for bagasse based cogeneration power plant
25.03.2003 Amendment of Rule 19 explanationi of sub-rule-3 inserted.
06.10.2003 Insertion of Rule 14 A regarding advance payment of subsidy towards storage, insurance and interest charges.
19.11.2003 Amendment of Rule 20 regarding settlement of export subsidy claims.
17.12.2003 Insertion of security of SDF Loan in Rule 16.
23.01.2004 Installed capacity of sugar factory was fixed to as 2500 TCD in Rule 22
21.10.2004 Rate of Interest for SDF loan changed from 9 p.a. to 2 below the bank rate.
09.11.2004 Amendment in Rule 20 regarding settlement of export subsidy claim
02.03.2005 Amendment in Rule 20 (explanation for re-imbursement inserted)
04.07.2005 Insertion of Rule 24 regarding special provision relating to calculation of rate of interest in certain cases.
15.09.2006 Insertion of necessary requirement of financial appraisal report from FIScheduled bank in Rule 16.
09.03.2007 Insertion of Rule 25 regarding security, interest and additional interest of SDF loan.
07.11.2007 Insertion of Rule 20 A regarding defraying expenditure on internal transport and freight charges to the sugar factory on export shipment of sugar
08.11.2007 Insertion of Rule 19 A regarding creation of buffer stock from 2006-07 sugar season onwards.
29.11.2007 Amendment in Rule 19 A regarding zone wise value of buffer stock.
05.12.2007 Insertion of Rule 26 regarding restructuring of loans of potentially viable sick sugar undertaking.
28.02.2008 Insertion of Form XI in Rule 26.
10.04.2008 Insertion of Rule 27 regarding provision of interest subvention to the sugar factories towards interest on loan
19.05.2008 Insertion of TPA in Rule 23
07.07.2009 insertion of Rule 16 A regarding modernization of sugar factory and Rule 17 A regarding cane development scheme.
30.07.2012 A total of 21 changes made in SDF rule to revise the same including eligibility criteria for SDF loan scheme
08.04.2013 Rule 17 amended for disbursement of SDF loan directly to the sugar factory instead disbursement through monitoring agency
09.11.2015 Insertion of Rule - 22A for extending the SDF assistance for conversion of existing distillery into Zero Liquid Discharge distillery.
13.01.2016 Amendment in Rule 6 regarding deletion of Planning commission from standing Committee of SDF
17.09.2018 amendment in SDF rule 1983 , amendment rules 2018 regarding restructuring of rules



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