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Act ID: 198858
Act Number: 58
Enactment Date: 1988-10-08
Act Year: 1988
Short Title: The Jamia Millia Islamia Act, 1988
Long Title: An Act to establish and incorporate a teaching University in the Union territory of Delhi and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
Ministry: Ministry of Human Resource Development
Department: Department of Higher Education
Enforcement Date: 26-12-1988
Notification: 26th December, 1988, vide notifications No. S.O. 1195(E), dated 21st December, 1988, See Gazette of India, Extraordinary, part II, sec. 3(ii).

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05.04.1999 Ordinance 28 Part I (Acacemic) Honorary Professor
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05.04.1999 Ordinance 30 Part I (Acacemic) Research Projects & Other Projects
05.04.1999 Ordinance 32 Part I (Acacemic) Convocation
05.04.1999 Ordinance 33 Part I (Acacemic) Methods of Election of Members for the Majlis-I-Talimi (Academic Council)
05.04.1999 Ordinance 34 Part I (Acacemic) Fees
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26.08.2016 Ordinance 35 Part I (Acacemic) Attendance
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02.05.2017 Ordinance 14 Part I (Acacemic) Students Discipline
03.10.2017 Ordinance 5 Part I (Academic) JMI (Admission and enrollment of students)
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09.11.2017 Ordinance 31 Part I (Acacemic) Fellowships, Scholarships and Gold Medals for Students
29.05.2018 Ordinance 9 Part I JMI (Acacemic) The Degree of Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


08.10.1988 44 statutes of JMI as on september 2018

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