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Act ID: 192519
Act Number: 19
Enactment Date: 1925-08-27
Act Year: 1925
Short Title: The Provident Funds Act, 1925
Long Title: An Act to amend and consolidate the law relating to Government and other Provident Funds.
Ministry: Ministry of Labour and Employment
Enforcement Date: 01-04-1926

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02.09.1952 EPF Schme, 1952 - Original Notifiation
02.09.1952 EPF Scheme, 1952 (Original Notification)
16.09.1972 important notifications under PG Act, 1972
26.03.2015 Notification for Table C
09.04.2015 CBT Notification (Shri K.V. Shekhar Raju)
23.04.2015 notificaton for appointment of DGLW on CBT
05.05.2015 Notification for Net Banking (EPFO)
29.05.2015 investment pattern for extempted trusts - 29.05.2015
27.08.2015 notification for amendment in para 52 of the EPF Scheme, 1952
14.01.2016 notification regarding amendment to para 72 (5) of EPF Scheme, 1952 - attestation by employer
14.01.2016 Notification for amendment to rule 6 and 7 of EPFAT Rules
20.01.2016 notification for amendment to para 22-A of EPF Scheme, 1952
10.02.2016 Notification for coverage of employees of banks
10.02.2016 Notification for incentive scheme
10.02.2016 Notification for amendment to para 68 of EPF Scheme, 1952
18.03.2016 notification for senior citizens' welfare fund rules
01.04.2016 notification for amendment in definition of orphan pension
25.04.2016 Notification under EPS, 1995 for deferment of age of retirement with 4 per cent incentive
19.05.2016 notification for amendment of proviso in para 12 (8) of EPS
24.05.2016 notification for enhancement of benefit to Rs. Six Lakh under EDLI, 1976
07.06.2016 notification for PayGov Platform
16.06.2016 notification for rescission of notification dated 10.02.2016 (restricting withdrawal of employer's share)
16.06.2016 notification for continuation of minimum pension under EPS, 1995 beyond 31.03.2015.
01.07.2016 Notification under EPS, 1995 for calculation of pensionable salary for members who prefer fresh option for contribution.
22.09.2016 Notification for amendment to EPFO investment pattern (incrase in percentage in Government securities)
22.09.2016 Notification for amendment to investment pattern for exempted trusts (increase in investment in Government securities)
22.09.2016 notification for amendment in investment pattern for exempted trusts (increase in investement percentage in Government securities)
02.11.2016 notifications regarding adding proviso to para 83 of EPF Scheme, 1952 relating to international workers regarding treatment of Nepalese and Bhutanese workers as indian workers.
11.11.2016 notification for amendment to para 72 (6) of EPF Scheme, 1952 (inoperative accounts)
11.11.2016 notification for amendment in para 72 (6) of EPF Scheme, 1975 (inoperative accounts)
24.11.2016 EC Notification - 2016
24.11.2016 EC Main Notificaiton - 24.11.2016
30.12.2016 EDLI Aministrative Charges Notification - Employees’ Enrolment Campaign, 2017
30.12.2016 EPS Notification - Employees’ Enrolment Campaign, 2017
30.12.2016 EPF Scheme Notification - Employees’ Enrolment Campaign, 2017
30.12.2016 EDLI Scheme Notification - Employees’ Enrolment Campaign, 2017
01.01.2017 PG (Amdnemnt) Bill, 2017 as introduced in Lok Sabha
04.01.2017 Notification for making Aadhaar mandatory for EPS subscribers
04.01.2017 Notificaiton for allowing private banks for collection of EPFO funds
24.01.2017 Notification for fixing no. of terms of non-official members of CBT
15.03.2017 notification for reduction of adminstrative charges under EPF Scheme, 1952 and EDLI Scheme, 1976
29.03.2017 notifications for extension of enrolment campaign, 2017 upto 30th June, 2017
31.03.2017 finance_act_2017
12.04.2017 Notification for insertion of para 68BD (group housing provisions for EPF subscribers) in EPF Scheme, 1952
25.04.2017 Notification for discontinuing requirement of medical certificate for advance for illness under EPF Scheme, 1952
04.05.2017 notifications for amendment under EPF, EPS and EDLI Schemes for e-payment
11.08.2017 Notification for appointment of Shri Vijay Padate as CBT member
07.10.2017 notification for appintment of Shri Balasubrahmanyam Kamarsu as Member, CBT
22.11.2017 Notification for appointment of Shri Ramendra Singh as CBT Member
15.02.2018 notification for miniumum assurance of Rs. 2.50 lakh under EDLI Scheme, 1976
29.03.2018 Payment o f Gratuity (Amendment) Act, 2018
29.03.2018 Notification for enhancement of gratuity ceiling under Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972
20.04.2018 notification for amendment in category ii (debt instruments and related investemnts) of investment pattern notification for EPFO
21.05.2018 notification for reduction of EPF administrative charges (May, 2018)
27.06.2018 Notification for allocation of PF Act, 1925 to MOLE
09.11.2018 Main Notification for reconstitution of CBT (November, 2018)
07.12.2018 Notification for allowing EPF member non-refundabe advance of 75 in case of continuous unemployment of not less than one month



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