The Electricity Act, 2003

Act ID: 200336
Act Number: 36
Enactment Date: 2003-05-26
Act Year: 2003
Short Title: The Electricity Act, 2003
Department: Department of Energy Department, Government of Jharkhand
Location: Jharkhand

16.08.2017 Works of Licensees Rule, 2017
09.07.2003 Jharkhand Electricity Regulatory Commission-Conduct of Business Regulations, 2003
24.10.2003 JSERC (State advisory committee) Regulation 2003
09.02.2004 JSERC (Delegation of Financial Powers) regulation 2003
20.09.2004 JSERC (terms & conditions for distribution tariff) regulation 2004
06.04.2005 JSERC (Guidelines for establishment of forum for redressal of grievances of the consumers & electricity ombudsman) regulation 2005
28.07.2005 JSERC (open access inter state transmission & distribution) regulation 2005
12.04.2006 JSERC (Methods & principles for fixation of charges receverable by distribution licensee) regulation 2006
19.03.2007 JSERC (Miscellaneous provisions) third Amendment Order 2007
14.04.2007 JSERC (Electricity supply code) 1st Amendment Regulation 2007
07.08.2008 JSERC (Electricity supply code) 3rd Amendment Regulation 2008
10.07.2003 JSERC (Miscellaneous provisions) Order 2003

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